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To provide a calm and reasonable but aggressive force in the midst of the chaos and uncertainty caused when family law problems arise. We expend great effort to help our clients through the process in a way that allows them to emotionally and financially recover and move forward with their lives.

Types of Family Law:

We have represented our clients with family law issues from divorce to child custody and asset division, such as:

  • Divorce
  • Spousal Maintenance
  • Child Support
  • Child Related Issues (Custody, Possession, Support)
  • Asset Division
  • 401k & Retirement Accounts
  • Fathers Rights
  • Establishing, Enforcing and Modification of Family Law Orders

Divorce Lawyers in Fort Worth, TX

No one enters into the sanctity of marriage with even the remote thought that the marriage could someday be dissolved. Unfortunately, sometimes circumstances or people change and choices are made that cause differences to become irreconcilable.

Our firm encourages all clients to exhaust all possible means and counseling to avoid a divorce. However, if divorce is a decision reached by one or both parties, we offer help and expertise to get through the process.

Spousal Maintenance

When either spouse will be unable to support themselves financially during or after the divorce process, court ordered Spousal Maintenance may be awarded to the spouse in an effort to provide a reasonable living standard. Many factors are taken into consideration when determining if spousal maintenance is appropriate, what amount of maintenance will be paid and for how long. The length of the marriage, each spouse’s education and employable skills are some of the factors.

Child Custody

The TEXAS FAMILY CODE encourages parent to “co-parent” their children. It is contemplated that parents can do a better job of parenting than a Judge or lawyers.

Our firms encourages parents to reach agreements that allow both parents to be involved in their child’s parenting and decision making. However, certain situations arise that require one parent to have the primary right of establishing the residence of the children and the final decision making authority regarding educational, psychological counseling and certain medical procedures.

Our firm will aggressively represent our client’s interests in such matters.

Child Support

The TEXAS FAMILY CODE provides guidelines for support of the children. The guidelines take into consideration the net resources of the parent who will provide financial support and several other factors. Health insurance is also an obligation of the parents upon divorce.

Possession of Minor Children

The TEXAS FAMILY CODE provides a Standard Possession Order (SPO) and what our firm calls the “Expanded SPO”. Our firm is committed to helping our clients develop a possession schedule that works for their situation and is in the best interest of the children.

Establishing, Enforcing and Modification of Family Law Orders

At The Hill Law Firm in Fort Worth, we understand that as families evolve and change, the agreements and orders that were previously put into place may need to be updated. Whether you are seeking to establish child support for the first time, or seeking to modify a previous order, we can help.