Criminal Defense Attorneys Fort Worth
DUI, DWI, Public Intoxication, Drug Charges, Thrift, etc..
Criminal Defense Attorneys in Fort Worth, Texas

Experience On Your Side Can Make All the Difference.

If you or a family member are being investigated or have been charged with a crime, having a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible can dramatically impact the outcome of your case. The fact is, the Criminal Justice System is designed to get your case, and thousands of others, efficiently moved through the system. The experienced criminal defense lawyers at the Hill Law Firm in Fort Worth, Texas are committed to diligently representing you or your family member and obtaining the best possible result in your case.

Types of Criminal Charges:

We have defended with clients facing criminal charges from misdemeanors to serious felonies, such as:

  • Assault and Family Violence
  • DWI
  • Child Abuse / Abandonment
  • Drug Charges (Possession, manufacturing, Pharmaceutical Drugs)
  • Sex Crimes
  • Theft & Shoplifting
  • Check, Credit Card Fraud and Identity Theft

Avoiding/Minimizing Fines, Probation & Jail Time

When someone is charged with a crime, eliminating or reducing the consequences they are facing is typically their first priority. Working with a criminal defense attorney who is familiar with the court system, the prosecutors and judges can put you at a great advantage. Your criminal defense attorney can help pursue actual innocence or alternative or minimal consequences.

The Burden of Proof

It’s important to remember that you truly are innocent until the prosecution proves that you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. You are not required to talk with law enforcement or give any incriminating information to law enforcement. Many times when people are found guilty, it’s because of what they themselves said to the police. This is why it’s important to exercise your Constitutional right to remain silent whenever dealing with police. Almost without exception, there is literally nothing you can say to law enforcement officers that will help your situation once you are targeted for prosecution. Furthermore, anything you say will be used against you.